Wicked Wanderers


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Letteralmente un Bundle di prodotti per Mork Borg!
Una vasta raccolta di mappe, avventure e generatori; La lista del curatore (The Lost Bay Studio)

  • Blood Moon: NEW ADDITION, A6 Concertina
  • Isbjörn: bear dungeon, A6 2-fold card
  • Papa Mush: mycelic NPC, double-sided A5 card
  • Pallid Jailor: terrifying class and monster, double-sided A5 Card
  • The Cross Stitch: adventure in a vanishing town, 40-page A5 zine
  • The Cross Stitch: ruin map, double-sided A5 Map
  • The Cross Stitch: note, single-sided A5 Leaflet
  • The Cross Stitch: town Map, single-sided A4 Map
  • The Cross Stitch: scripture, double-sided bookmark
  • 4d20 Swords which Are Not +1: cursed sword and adventure generator, A5 Z-fold
  • MØRK FÆNGSEL: solo prison-crawl escape, 4-page A5 zine
  • MØRK FÆNGSEL: player sheet x 5
  • Whispers in the Darkness: 4 minidungeons with a Mythos twist, 16-page A5 Zine
  • It Came from the West: prophecy oracle, dice-drop A3 foldable map
  • It Came from the West: A6 card
  • Portents & Curses of the Prince of Gorse: solo oracle, double-sided bookmark

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    Settembre 4, 2021

    4 star review  Great store with a huge selection. Knowledgeable staff and a surprisingly large selection of English language games.

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    Ottobre 4, 2021

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    Gentilissimi e fornitissimi, passateci!

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